Dogs and Rainbows

I got home from work yesterday to a beautiful sunny day.  I am liking the weather so far this Winter (knocks on head) when I let the dogs out, I noticed there were rain drops hitting the deck, I knew there would be a rainbow and headed out to snap this from the deck.  A Nice rainbow over the house.

I headed out with the three dogs for a walk.  Little Sohpie is here for a week and Dale is out-of-town for a few days so I have Spyder duty as well.  Little Sophie is one of the easiest dogs I watch.  So sweet and so very, very quite….did you hear that Missy and Spyder….so very quite.

One Response to “Dogs and Rainbows”

  1. Laura M. Says:

    Heehee! So glad to hear that Soph kept up her good manners for her sleepover. She can sure get her bark on but she’s usually pretty chill.
    Rainbows always make my day too.

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