Birthday Last Year

Yep.  2011 birthday party/gift has been used.

Katherine bought me a Living Social pool party last year for my birthday.  I tried to book it on my actual birthday last February but at the time Belltown Billards was not open on Sunday’s.  It didn’t seem like a big deal….I had a year, Chari’s visit in February was almost over so I would just do it later.   Later in 2011 just didn’t happen, Chari never made it back up, I had a crazy Summer at the markets and Katherine travelled a lot.

Later it is.  The voucher actually expired on Friday but they let me book it for Saturday.  So Katherine, Vivian and I went.  Yep, Happy Birthday 2011!  There was another party at the table next to us, there had to have been twenty-five people there.  Vivian astutely pointed out that they had more friends than me.

The food was ….eh.  The place was ….cold.  We sorta suck at pool, but hey our table wasn’t warped.  It was a fun time and at least we got to use the voucher.  I’m not even going to analyze what it says about the three of us that we could go out for a Saturday night and be home before 9:00 pm.  Not on the way home mind you….but home.

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