Poor Pitiful Pooch

 On Saturday I was in my room, Missy was in the dining room.  From nowhere came horrendous, pitiful, heart-stopping bellowing from my Missy.

She had been from what I knew, just lying on the dining room floor.  I flew down the stairs as Vivian flew up the stairs from her room.  There in the middle of the room was Missy, crying, at top volume, limping and holding up her leg-shoulder-arm-paw…oh hell the entire front right quadrant.

It took a bit to calm her down, she just continued bellowing.  Dale got home and could hear her from the driveway.  She would not put any weight on the leg.  I tried to get her to lie down but she was having difficulties with that.  I could see the joint swelling and wrapped it in an ace bandage and gave her an expired Rimadyl from her sprained neck in 2008.  I called the vet but they had closed for the day, keeping her still for the night and all of Sunday was the top goal.

I got a hold of the vet on Sunday and made an appointment for this morning.  Dr Jon (more on him later) could not feel a break in the radius or ulna.  He went through every joint in her foot and was surprised at the amount of swelling in her paw.  Missy is still at the vet.  They are doing x-rays today.  Hopefully it is just a soft tissue sprain that maybe some splinting will help. 

Here is Missy giving me the hang-dog, oh woe is me look while at the vet…..


So a little on Dr. Jon.  I love Missy’s vet.  He is so very gentle with her, he calls her “Sweat Pea” examines her on the floor, following her around, including under the examination table if that’s where she heads.  He holds her and pets her and lets her lick him and is just so gentle.  I am amazed every time we see him.  Today when I was there I mentioned her annual shots that are coming up in April/May, since I will be busting out a charge card today I figured I would just add them in.  He said we could, but he would prefer to just have a technician do them when they are actually due, that there wouldn’t be an office charge and it was just better for her…..What, no up sell??  This is the same vet who so tenderly put Jaq down when it came to that and I hope he never leaves this clinic as long as I have pets.

3 Responses to “Poor Pitiful Pooch”

  1. Fluffy Tufts Says:

    Poor Missy. Hope she feels better soon.
    And what a kind vet you have. I have a lovely vet too, and I am dreading the day that he retires.

  2. Laura M. Says:

    Oh noes! Poor little thing. Did she maybe step on something? I’m thinking Christmas ornament hangers or something like that?

    Sending you guys lots of good healthyness. 😀

    • V_Lo Says:

      Fractured leg. Very mysterious because of no impact. X-Rays going out to radiology, will hopefully know more Wednesday.

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