Well.  Missy is hopping around the house with her splint.  Seriously hopping around the house. Playing, howling, acting like she is just fine and has a new weapon (splint) to bop me with.

For those who have emailed me looking for an update….I have received an estimate to amputate her leg, the cost is high, but there is also the fact that the median survival with amputation as the only treatment is four months.  Four.

Another option is to keep splinting, it would have to be changed out every three weeks or so.  That includes anesthesia each time.  A much less expensive option, but it could add up depending on how long she lives, but it also leaves the cancer we know of in her.

Dr Jon and I are playing phone tag, I expect to talk to him now on Thursday.  I am going to ask if it would make sense to take x-rays of her other legs.  I mean it doesn’t seem to make sense to take off a leg if another is compromised and will also fracture if she does something simple like standing up.

So there you have it….nothing decided, but she seems to be in good spirits.

One Response to “ampu-splinting”

  1. -br Says:

    Glad your little fur baby still has her spunk – give her a treat (or two) each time she whacks you with that splint. Thinking of both of you often.

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