A Minute of Sunshine

I got home from work and there was a minute of sunshine, along with a forecast for rain for the next four days.

Riblet gets dropped off tomorrow, so I headed out to plug holes in the fence from the last storm.  Put in another metal post along side the current failing fence posts and cemented it in.  Screwed a new board over the spot she got out at Christmas.

Then with a little light left I thought I would start on the pool.  There are so many pine needles in the bottom from the recent wind storm, I worked for a bit until I realized the hose was plugged.  That is now fixed and I’ll have to pick that project back up another day.

I am surprised at the amount of weeds and bulbs starting to come up.  I am getting excited for spring and my garden.  So much work is needed but it is nice to see life emerging, in and out of the garden.

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