Sad state for Missy

Missy went to the vet on Friday.  It was supposed to be just for blood work before her surgery however the splint on her leg had caused a big sore.  They kept her all day, put her under shortened the splint and sent her home with a cone of shame.  I can tell from her panting and pain level that this splint being shortened is not supporting the break as well…..or who knows something worse.

Needless to say she was pretty low-key all weekend and stuck to me like glue, often running into me with the damn cone.  Also running into the wall or the side of the door (had to start opening up the slider the entire way) as she is not used to the cone being on her head.

There was hand feeding and such just to get her to eat.  Very sad, very frustrating.  Katherine brought an inflatable donut that Sophie uses, softer sides not as over the face but Missy can still kind of get to the wound.  I ended up using both, one for during the day and the donut at night so she can sleep.

Tuesday she goes in early for the fentanyl patch, at least then the pain will be addressed before the amputation on Wednesday.

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