Thank you random crackhouse pit bulls

Missy is at the vet.  Today is the day her front passenger side leg is being removed.  I should have a call around noon with the update on how things went.

Her vet received two pit bulls last Friday from a crack house.  They were there to be put down and had no owners.  He was able to “practice” this surgery twice on the cadavers over the last three days and he was feeling more confident than ever.  He is sure he can cut the surgery time down simply because of the practice.

He is taking the whole scapula and she will look quite Frankensteiny for a bit.  I have decided to not send the limb off to pathology to confirm the cancer.  It is not like I would do chemo anyway so we will just go with the amputaion and hope that its curative and that we get lots more time together.

2 Responses to “Thank you random crackhouse pit bulls”

  1. Laura M. Says:

    I lift my coffee in salute to ye, Random Crackhouse Pit Bulls. Thank you for unknowingly helping out.

    And here’s to a speedy, effective surgery for Hop-along. She will be past the Frankenstein stage and back at the dogpark before ya know it. 🙂

  2. Susan Says:

    Happy thoughts for a successful surgery and quick recovery for sweet Missy!

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