Its quiet in here

Mary came by last night, she brought me flowers and we sat and visited.  Talked about losing our last dog.  Karly, Jaq and Missy….such awesome souls.

It is very weird to not have a dog in my room.  There was no ‘dog routine’ this morning, no dog to let out no walk no kibble no fresh water.   I still have the dog bed in my bedroom and am not sure how long I will leave it there.  I mean I do still sit dogs, and Spyder hangs out on it when Dale isn’t home, but getting the space back could be awesome.  Same with the bed and chair in the living room.

I know some day I will get another dog, but for now I am actually fine without the responsibility.  Without having to find a sitter if I leave town or am super busy on the long market days (granted that has been super easy and a no brainer since my brother moved in.)

Mary and I also played a little cribbage, one game in fact that she won and took hours to play because we were so distracted.  In part distracted by the scrambled duck eggs I made us for dinner that I got from Char the night before.  Yum!

Katherine came by and picked up Sophie, who was taking up residence in that dog bed I mentioned.  There was so much support and love for Missy it is quite awesome.  But after Sophie and my company left, it was eerily quiet in my room without dog breathing or moving or whacking me with her splint.

It all takes time.  I am very glad she is no longer in pain but I do miss my Mischief.

One Response to “Its quiet in here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ok, i’m aware I’m totally biased, but that said…..if you have not had valria’s adulteraited scrambled eggs and toast… are missing out on the 8th wonder of the world

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