Name This Blog

You can pick a name, here are a few choices or come up with your own.

  1. Isn’t it ironic
  2. You have got to be kidding
  3. Break down with a side of yoga
  4. Give me a break (or) I told you so
  5. Who placed the curse
  6. Can February just end already

I had not mentioned here (blog) that I went ahead and bought Ruby from my friend Briana.  This was a recent decision with a few factors behind it.  One was my brothers car was having brake issues another my truck was having electrical issues (a back up was a good idea.)  In my truck a few weeks ago I was on my way to work in the rain the windshield wipers stopped mid cycle and got stuck there, they are working again but the off and on electrical issues are concerning.  I am also just tired of driving a manual and wanted more passenger room.

Today I went to a new yoga class, it was a Vinyasa Flow class.  I stopped on my way to class and filled up Ruby with gas for the week.  When I got home I left the yoga mat and blanket in the car for Wednesday’s class.

These things are just back ground info for the actual blog…..

I was sitting on my bed, NCSI on in the background and reading a book.  My brother called to ask if I could come pick him up, as his car was having electrical problems.  I slipped my shoes on, sans socks and headed out.  Cruising down highway 509 I heard a big thunk thunk thunk.  Thought maybe I drove over something and then my lights went dim, my battery light came on and in a couple of seconds the car was overheating.  I pulled off the highway and did not have any power steering.

I pulled over and steam was billowing out from under the hood.  I first called Dale to let him know, um I’m not coming and then I called Triple A.  (The reason I have the triple-A membership is because Katherine bought it for me last Summer when I was having truck issues.)

Triple-A had an hour eta.  I was waiting in Ruby, it was getting cold and as I mentioned I do not have on socks, oh or a coat.  Luckily I had my yoga mat and more importantly blanket! In the mean time Dale got a ride home from a co-worker.

Glenn, the very nice tow truck driver popped my hood and there on top of the motor was a pulley, the bearing that runs it completely missing and the belt shredded.  Glenn towed Ruby to my garage where I will go in the morning to talk to them.  I am hoping that I just lost the bearing and need to have it replaced along with the belts but that I in fact pulled over fast enough that I did not blow the head.

Once I got to firestone and Glenn was dropping Ruby, I texted Dale and ironically he came and got me in my truck.

3 Responses to “Name This Blog”

  1. Katherine Says:

    UH. MAH. GAWD. What you are probably leaving our: crying, railing, tearing of hair, and screaming at the universe “What is the effing lesson here already?????” At least that’d be my response.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Um, “out,” not “our.”

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