Breakfast and Shoe Shopping

Katherine and I went to our standard breakfast spot yesterday, Alki Cafe on Alki beach.  It was crowded inside and cold outside.  Although we usually order the same things over and over because, well we are predictable, breakfast was just a little under par.  Food was needed however.

Then off to do a little shoe shopping.  I was in the market for new running shoes.  Although mine are just a year old and are still in good enough shape for other workouts, there are too many miles on them for running.  The very first pair of shoes I saw in the door were these Franko Sarto strappy high heals.  I spent lots of time looking at every other shoe and boot there, I even tried on a couple of hats.  They did not have the running shoes I wanted so just before we were leaving I tried these puppies on.

Walking around in them, I like them, they are comfortable, but when I’m just cruising past the mirror and got a look at them in passing my thought was “those are HOT”  purchase made!!!

All but $5.00 was paid for by the gift card I got from Tonya and Briana for my birthday!!  After a very trying trip to the Nordstrom Rack we moved on to the mall and I did pick up the running shoes I wanted from Lady Footlocker.  Technically those I didn’t pay for either.  They were covered by Lori for my birthday as well. 

Birthday and my shoe fetish seem to be going pretty well together this year.  Yea for me. 

Other shoe news, I did pull three pair out for Goodwill, not because I am out of room by the way, or to prove I don’t have a problem, but more because I don’t wear them anymore.  So there.

2 Responses to “Breakfast and Shoe Shopping”

  1. Taylor Says:

    You deserve it 🙂

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    Oh love that shoe!!!

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