Spring is peeking in.  It’s almost here according to the calendar but it has still been so bloody cold.

Except today, today was fabulous.  It got up to nearly 60 degrees.  It was a perfect afternoon, I did some kamikaze weeding in the vinca minor bed, then cleaned the pool and more kamikaze weeding the dahlia bed and took down the dog fence that was used to keep Missy out of the garden bed.  (She liked to cool off by digging a hole in the dirt and laying in it, often digging up the bulbs)  It was great to get some projects started and not need a parka to do them.

There are tulips coming up everywhere, the yellow in the daffodils starting to open up, buds are peeking out on the cherry trees, the lilac, blueberries and fruit trees.

It just made me want more nice weather, more weeding, more planting, more!


One Response to “peeking”

  1. canyon cottage Says:

    You have so much motivation. I am envious.

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