Its Snowing.  Its been snowing all morning.  I’m done with the snow, please stop snowing!!!

I had to fill up on my way to work this morning because although I was at a quarter of a tank and could have made it to and from work for a couple of days on that, who really knows with the snow.  Only to be proven by the idiot driver in front of me that had not bothered to clear off its back or side windows.   Sending snow clumps onto my windshield several times.  The first one was very starteling, the second and third just fodder for name calling.

On the way to get gas I was passing these beautiful blooming cherry blossoms that were being covered in snow.  I thought that would make a great 365 photo….except for the getting out of the truck into the cold and actually taking the photo part of that deal.

Instead I am sitting in traffic, blogging on my iPad because there is some sort of blockage ahead of me and I have been in the same spot for about 15 minutes…..but I have gas, and music on the iPad since the radio doesn’t work.  However I don’t know whats going on except for these giant flakes and I have a 10:30 meeting or I may not have left the house.

p.s.  I made it to work, my coffee meeting rescheduled to tomorrow…she is snowed in.

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