All the things

Sunday was a good day, a day that all the things got done.  Well technically not all the things because the gutter still needs to be fixed and the lawn mowed, the pool cleaned, the garden cleaned out…..ok ok  Sunday was a good day, a day a lot of the things got done.

After spending a couple early morning hours on Skype I then headed out to yoga (both of these things keeping me sane.)  Yoga almost didn’t happen because well there was so much to do at home and I wanted to get started.  But this class has one of the best instructors I’ve had and I am going to try to make the 10:30 to 11:45 yoga class on Sunday’s a regular thing.  It’s tough because Sunday is one of a few play day options I have with Katherine during the week, the class also cuts the day in half.

Late Saturday night I decided to put the canopy from my truck on craigslist.  For a couple of reasons, the most important being it was hard to see around the darn thing and after two close calls last week and Missy now gone a month I don’t need it to run her to and from the dog park.  When I watch Sophie it is now mostly neighborhood walks due to her hearing at the park, if I do take her to the park, well it’s only her and she can ride shotgun. When I got home from Yoga there were several people willing to come buy it.  By 1pm it was off the truck and I had pocketed some gas and grocery money. 

I got the laundry started and headed out to clear the dahlia bed of shot weed.  There was so much shot weed I couldn’t wait any longer.  Only two or three of the weeds shot seed out so that is good.  I am hoping I did some serious eradicating of it in this bed.  I have been working on the buttercups in this bed for a couple of years.  I need to get some more plants in to take up the room where weeds want to grow. 

Saturday when I got home from playing with Katherine I was able to get the entire front vinca minor bed weeded.  When I planted the little starts a couple of years ago I was really hoping they would all join and fill in this slope.  Creating a carpet of color and keeping up the hill.  They are coming together and I really like the way it’s looking.  I may pick up a few more starts just to fill in the Western side of the bed that is bare.

Having all the laundry and weeding done for the day I went and ran the truck through the car wash and put some gas in it.  I am really liking it without the canopy and heck clean.  I forget how much I liked it when I first got it (admittedly 30 repair bills and 7 years ago.)  Viv and I went grocery shopping and got some Pho for dinner before I came back and made a requested fruit cobbler.

All in all it was a productive day where all lots of the things got done.

2 Responses to “All the things”

  1. Barb Says:

    What about cake deliveries, won’t you need a canopy for those?

    • Valria Says:

      Unfortunatly I am no loger running Baby Cakes. There will be small one-off orders but the business itself is probably closing down.

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