This week has been quite busy, there has been something going on every evening which makes blogging non-existent (except in my head where there are fourteen blogs for every one that makes it up here.)

Monday night the weather was cooperating so I cleaned the pool and Dale mowed.  He was on a mission to mow all three yards until I mentioned when he finished the back yard that the lawn mower was smoking.  I think it might just be low on oil (fingers crossed) but I have not yet gone to check it out.  There was also a couple more buckets of shot weed pulled, Dale got an entire bucket out of the asparagus and side garden beds and I got an entire bucket from just the blueberry bed.  I am not sure where it is all coming from but am guessing that the “mild” (muuahahaha) winter has something to do with it.

Tuesday I went to Shelly’s for dinner.  Diane, Shelly and I had dinner and played scrabble.  It was a treat seeing them and sad they live so close and I see them so little.  I need to rectify that situation.

Wednesday I had a 5pm meeting.  That of course meant I didn’t go into work until noon so I spent the morning running errands, getting pink boxes for an order this weekend and picking up ingredients.  Azea has started coming over three mornings a week to do P90-X with me and since she had a meeting in the morning we worked out at 7:30 at night.  By the time my workout ended and I was showered it was nearly 9pm.

Thursday night I’m baking for an early Friday order and Saturday I am going to a play with Katherine.  That just leaves Friday night and I am sure by the time it gets here I will have filled it up.  Not that the weather will be agreeable for any yard work as the rain this morning was so cold.  I am used to the rainy spring, it just seems colder than usual.  That La Nina (little brat) needs to move along already.

I guess all this blog really proves is even if you only work part-time, life fills up all the other hours.  Clearly this rambling has no other point.

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