fun w/friends

First there was game night at Shelly’s this week.  Dinner and a scrabble game (which I won) was a great way to catch up with old friends.

After a conversation about games we played and liked as kids, Lori bought a couple Parcheesi games.  One arrived here in the mail this week.  Yesterday via Skype, we played a game.  Having two boards going and duplicating each others moves.  Very thoughtful, lots of fun oh and I won (by two spaces.)

There has also been some theater this weekend.  Vivian and I went to see Lark Eden at Theater Schmeater, it was a very touching play.  It is about the journey of three friends from grade school to their 80’s.  I was impressed by the play and enjoyed how genuine the characters were.  It is playing until the 14th, If you have the time you should go in the next couple weeks, it’s a good play and a fabulous theater to support.

Tonight Katherine and I are going to see Emerald City at West of Lenin theater.  Thai food and a second play for the weekend.  Hoping its as good as last nights play.

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