Lime Green Beauty

Spring is actually here.  There are several indications including the tulips blooming in my yard, weeds going full force and enough light to head out and clean the pool at 7pm.  But the most obvious to me is the explosion of lime green on my drive to work. 

It has something to do with the morning light I’m sure.   That or by the time I leave for home I’m more focused on just getting out.  But in the mornings the new leaves glow in the morning light, I’ve been watching them open all week.  From little bits of green to open enough to move in the breeze. 

The lime green is just the newest of color, it will all get darker in the next few weeks.  But it sure stands out against the evergreens that grow side by side.  The evergreens are there all winter, showing off their hardiness and at times snow-covered bows.  It’s hard to appreciate them through the cold and dark of winter but this week they have created a back drop for the budding deciduous trees, showing how they are the foundation of the area and an awesome canvas for the rest of the trees to show off against.

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