Holy Crap…..

The markets are coming right along and having work be busy is a blessing.  It’s not busy enough, mostly because I am so far ahead but its better than the activing level during the Winter.  I am very excited about the markets this year.  Last year having just started and still a learning curve it was a lot more stressful.  This year things are falling right into place and its fun to be connecting again with the vendors and farmers. 

I was in LA for the weekend, glorious 78 degree weather and got a little color in just the hour I spent mowing the yard at 9:00 am.  Of course when I looked out at my garden this morning, the knot weed has exploded in the last week.  Here comes the knot weed, invading the paths and beds with its crazy I can grow through anything and will, just watch, attitude.

Every night this week is booked and next week Katherine and I leave for Hawaii (Woot) so this weekend will be knot weed extraction!  Very little has been planted yet so at least I can dig and dig and dig oh and dig a little more to try to get every fiber of root because clearly it only takes a molecule to start back up.

I also need to figure out what I am packing for Hawaii (Woot).  Besides a couple swim suits and flip-flops there are a few other things I’m sure I will need.  My co-worker who has a house on,  is from Maui and is there several times a year visiting family has promised to send me some information on where to go and where to eat that are not all the tourist-y spots.

One Response to “Mid-April”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Ask your co-worker about farmer’s markets and/or good grocery stores, especially in the Kehei area. 🙂

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