Buying a swimsuit sucks

I was in the middle of a blog on Friday.  I came back to it tonight and blah, delete.

Yesterday I spent the day playing with Katherine.  We started out at our breakfast spot on Alki and then headed to a local rock/much/compost seller by Katherines and she bought some rock for a path.  We loaded it up in my truck and then into her back yard and headed out for pedicures.

Once we got the pedicures we headed out to do a little shopping for Hawaii.  I had a few things on the list including a sun hat and sunglasses.  Both of those were pretty easy to locate.  The tougher item was a swimsuit.  After trying on a couple at target and just laughing at the absurdity of the fit I headed home.

That’s when I decided to go by the mall and see what I could find there.  I already needed to swing by the Mac store for an adapter so I might as well look around for a swimsuit.  I found some that were sized with bra sizing and had some actual structure.  I picked out several and went to try them on.  D.e.p.r.e.s.s.i.n.g.

I haven’t been that frustrated in quite a while.  For the record, there are no 36DD sizes.  So I tried 36D and 38D.  None fit.  The 36 fit my torso but my boobs just fell out, the 38 was too big for my torso and still my boobs fell out.  I left buying one size up from a suit I tried on in the dressing room that felt small, only to get home and try it on and its to big.

In general I accept my body and its flaws but by the end of the swimsuit experience I was down on myself and quite annoyed.  I work out in some way almost every day, at least five days a week usually six.  I do not eat fast food, stay away from sugar, eat a good variety of fruits and veggies.  Yet unless I go hungry, not eat less, but painfully hungry I do not lose weight.

I found a beautiful swimsuit on-line when I got home, however I will not every spend $200 on a swimsuit.  Instead I will be going through all the pieces of suits I have at home and will make it work.

What I do know is I will still have a good time in Hawaii without a cute new swimsuit.

2 Responses to “Buying a swimsuit sucks”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Yes you will have a great time. And the ocean doesn’t care what you wear in it! You’re beautiful just as you are.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    when you get there ask a local where to go, and i bet you will find what you are looking for. The locals there are much like the locals in NZ

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