74 degrees

What a beautiful day.  I spent a good part of it working in the garden.  At least six hours battling knot weed, pulling weeds, pulling up the weed block and the weeds now growing in what was once wood chips (6 years ago) and is now a beautiful rich planting mix.

There is just so much to do in the garden.  It is a time of year that the weeds go crazy.  I could weed and re-weed the same beds over and over and I just wanted to make some progress before leaving on vacation for a week.

I filled the entire 65 gallon yard waste bin and also took a load of broken fence plexi glass panels, hay bale and knot weed roots to the dump.

That was not enough.  Once I cleaned up my tools and did a few stretches for my back I painted a second coat on the ceiling of my bathroom.  It is at a place now that I can leave it for a bit.  I am going to paint the walls blue but the ceiling and inside the shower stall I painted yellow.  The yellow is now done and just to blue to tackle later.

The weather today was divine.  I hope it is turning around and we have a beautiful Spring/Summer.

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