Snarky Alert

Can you believe it…..I know you can’t really.  Who would have thought.

In a meeting I was presented with a gift for being at my job for a year.  I will treasure and protect it until….well until I leave here.

But hey, at least I can take the one from home back (its in the background)

3 Responses to “Snarky Alert”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Oh good god. Really? I mean, 1) who gets a gift for being at a job for a year? If they really wanted to recognize that milestone, they could have taken you to lunch or something. 2) You had to work for a year to get that? Did they require you to bring your own TP for the first 90 days? Frankly, I’d prefer drinking out of the one from home.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, you are begining to sound like me………knock it off

  3. -br Says:

    Congrats on a year, you’re doing something really valuable for the community, you enjoy your work, others value your contributions and you have time off in April to go to Hawaii, enjoy!

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