Crunch Time

A title is an interesting thing.  My friends knowing I am leaving for Hawaii today might think the title has something to do with getting packed and ready to go.  Or perhaps with the market coming up in five weeks it has something to do with preparing for that, vendors, posters, schedules it all fits.

However it is about being hit on the way to work today. (I AM FINE – My truck is fine) We were maybe going 10 miles an hour due to all of the merging traffic at the highway interchange.  The guy who crossed the gore point as I was changing lanes (at the end of it) and clipped my bumper is pissed off and his bumper is hanging off his little white car.

Just as I was changing lanes I caught of glimpse of him in my side mirror and was able to swerve back into the lane I was leaving enough for him to only clip my bumper.  A bumper that is steel and already dented.  I pulled off and got out, this guy was pissed and yelled at me that I saw him and changed lanes anyway.  I saw that I had no damage and just as calmly as I could muster said look I have no damage, this was your fault so unless you want to wait for the cops and get a ticket on top of it I’m just going to go.  When he said it wasn’t his fault and I was wrong.  I pointed out that he was still in the gore point, that it was illegal to cross it as your supposed to wait until the end of it which I had done but I would wait for the cops if he wanted.  He said, no, nevermind and started trying to remove his bumper from in front of his tire. 

I left and went to work….cause I got crap to do, I’m leaving for Hawaii this afternoon.  Crunch time indeed.

2 Responses to “Crunch Time”

  1. Dale Kurtz Says:

    Love it! crunch this you gore-point-crossing little-white-car-driving idiot

  2. Rolling « V-Lo's View Says:

    […] are several collisions a day I was a little stressed.  This is the same spot I was hit by the gore-point avoider. Thursday was also Mary’s birthday and she drove all the way to Des Moines so we […]

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