Morning one

Katherine and I left for the airport at 3:30 pacific time, heading for the Hawaii. After a six hour flight we collected our luggage with nothing missing like the last time we went on vacation. Picked up our very cute rental car and made our way to Kehei.

There was a minor door code issue, which was remedied by waking the owner in Washington. We dropped our bags and went to the 24 hour grocery store for a few things for morning.

By the time we were settled in and heading to bed I was pretty exhausted, I remember laying down but that was all. My body clock woke me up at 3:00am but considering I had only been in bed two and a half hours I went back to sleep.

I got about ten Skype minutes in with Lori before she was off for the day. It’s now 6:00 I am sitting on the lanai drinking a cup of the instant Starbucks I brought and watching all of these crazy birds. I was sleeping with the door open and listening to all the chatter.

The sky blue and clear, the air feels heavy like I’m breathing in water, I can see why this is referred to as paradise because I have yet to have seen anything in the day light except for the view from the lanie.


One Response to “Morning one”

  1. Dale Kurtz Says:

    Nice! Looks lovely

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