Today was a blast. We were up early, as in before the birds that usually wake us. We were checking in for this five hour excursion before 7 am. After the boat left the harbor on our way to Molikini we spotted some whales right away. The captain diverted and we were able to watch them breach for a while, one was flipping his tail. I tried to get photos but the boat would rock just as I snapped and I got mostly clouds except this shot.


We then headed out to Molikini where we snorkeled for a couple hours. I nearly missed the lunch portion of the day as I was one of the very last people out there snorkeling. It was great fun and so very beautiful. I ended up buying a DVD of photos from the trip so will have more pictures once I’m home.

On the way back they took us to a spot were there we’re quite a few sea turtles. Again, my shots not that great but they sure were cute.

We did a little touristy sightseeing after that and then headed back to the condo to plan tomorrow’s adventure. Not as early as a morning tomorrow. We do have a couple destinations and hikes planned.

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