Welcome Home

Well the vacation is over.  A long day of being on an airplane and we got home about 8pm last night.  In bed by 11:30 or so and up at 5am to start working on the four pounds I brought back from Hawaii.  It has to be from not enough exercise because I really don’t think I over ate during the week.  But as I well know I can’t focus on just food or just exercise.  My stubborn body needs both to take or keep weight off.  I only ran one morning and although snorkeling is fun it really is mostly floating!

So that’s how the first day back started, up at 5:00 for a workout then to work.  I got all caught up with emails and voicemails.  I also had a couple of meetings and when I left work I went grocery shopping.  When I got home I had these sweet welcome home flowers from Lori waiting on the front porch, so pretty.

I started laundry when I got home and worked on my bathroom painting project.  The first color for the ceiling and accent wall were finished before I left for Hawaii.  Since its such a small place to work, I am just going to work around the room, one wall a day and should be all finished with this in a week or so.

Such a busy day and so opposite of the lounging vacation I just got home from.  It was very nice to have a down week, and to come home with a tan.  A little diligence should get the vacation weight off, and I have lots of saved up energy for all of my waiting projects.

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