Baby Cakes and Dog Sitting

Along with my part-time job and contract gig over the last couple years I have also baked and done some dog sitting to make ends meet.  I can no longer sell at the farmers market without leasing a kitchen and although it was a fun second job the monetary benefit was low in comparison to time and expense.

I may have my mortgage reset by July and am on a ‘trial’ period now.  It’s not without its hiccups but things are certainly easier.  There is breathing room and with that room I am choosing to stop some of the “extra” jobs.  I am taking no new customers for baby cakes.  I will still bake for those who have ordered regularly in the past couple years.  In fact I took an order last night for Jane a sweet lady who orders every few months.  But I did turn down a new customer that Allison phoned about earlier in the week.

Same thing with dog sitting.  I have the poodles booked in June and will take reservations for Boots, Twilight, Masie and Sophie but no new dogs either.  I am sure Missy being gone is playing into the dog sitting decision.  It was a lot easier to sit dogs with Missy.  I was already going to the park or on a walk and she could keep them company or play with them.  It’s quite without her here but the planning my day around letting her out or exercising her isn’t needed and that is liberating.

With the mortgage being reset and most of my debt just month to month bills I can afford to live on just my part-time job.  I like the idea of spending my “off” hours actually not working and instead doing things like camping,  hiking, volunteering, working in the garden-house-projects or just lounging on the deck.  With Lori spending the Summer up here the desire to not be working 3 or 4 part-time jobs is even greater.  I am getting super excited for this Summer and I hope the weather is better than last year.

On to the mortgage hiccups.  I was approved for a “trial” mortgage amount for three months.  The first payment was returned.  I phoned and checked, they showed no record so I made it again.  I got home from vacation to a letter saying my payment from the month before was now over thirty days late and if it wasn’t made foreclosure proceedings may start.  After phoning again I learned a couple of things.  One, my payment went up in April because they added on taxes and insurance.  I did not know this however and so paid $350 short.  So that short payment is going to be made over the phone.  The other thing I found out is my second payment for May will be returned also.  They do not take on-line banking payments during the trial period.  (By the way I phoned before making the payment the first time and was told “yes” to could I continue to make the payment as I had before, same place, same loan number, same on-line banking.)  So when the funds get back into my account again, I will be making May’s and subsequently June and July’s payments over the phone.

In the mean time I am going to be working for my friend Briana for the next couple weeks.  She has her own business and I will be doing some order filling and shipping to keep her customers happy while she and Tonya are in Hawaii for the next couple weeks.  After that the markets will be about up and my work hours for the only job I will have left will be Sunday through Wednesday and each week all Summer will include a three-day weekend!  (Insert happy grin here)

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