Busy Busy Busy

There are things I know about myself.  Just basic truths or “matter of facts”.  One of those is the busier I am, the more I get done.  I realize that statement when read is sort of a no brainer.  If one is busy they are getting more done.  But that is not what I mean.

This “truth” could be why I got along so well in financial printing.  In fact when I did have trouble or made mistakes was during slow periods.  Slow periods were rare and that spilled over into my personal and home life.  Because I had limited time to get all the rest of the things done, I didn’t procrastinate and I got lots done.  In fact made great use of a spare fifteen minutes when it appeared.

After getting home last week from my tropical vacation I had a very busy weekend that included Lori in town, a full day of volunteering, lunch with friends and dinner with Della, Brock and Amber in Arlington.  Then this week began and I am working two jobs for the next two weeks.  Yesterday (which was beautiful and 75 degrees) I walked all over downtown Renton passing out Farmers Market posters to the businesses.  It was a great day.  Out walking in the beautiful weather, talking to people, getting excited about the market….oh and I did mention being outside, so nice.  Then I went to Briana’s for a refresher on her business was there for 5 hours or so pulling orders, packaging and shipping. 

This will be the schedule for the next couple weeks, oh and throw in  a couple of baking orders and pool, yard, house projects to do.  But that is part of my point.  My brain is already pulling up old time-management skills.  When to fit making frosting in (tonight when I get home) so its ready for the cupcakes on Wednesday night.  This morning I also got right out of bed at 5:00 am knowing that I wouldn’t have time for a workout this afternoon I got it in first thing.

This morning after dropping off last nights packages I am heading out to distribute more posters.  I am positive that because I have so much to do in the upcoming month I will actually get more of it done.  Now to figure out when to connect with Mary as we have played phone tag for days and check in with Katherine on the rest of her vacation now that she is back at work.  Also all of the rest of my projects.  Lets just say it will be a very busy and very productive May!!

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