Early Bird

Its 9:00 am and I’m taking a break.  A break from weeding.  There are so many weeds it’s really hard to even know where to start.  I managed to get the side rockery weeded and a bed toward the back that is easy to weed.  It has an apple tree, and tulips.  With the tulips spent already it was a clean sweep of pulling morning-glory, shot weed and anything green in the dirt.

The morning started early.  4:30 seems to be the hour my body wants to wake up (at least this week.)  It doesn’t seem to matter if I go to bed at midnight or 9:30.  I stayed in bed for a couple of hours reading and surfing the internet.

At 6:30 I decided to get out of bed and make the cupcakes I need to deliver at noon today.  It was still a little early and I tried to be as quite as possible as not to disturb the house mates.  I was done baking and moving on to frosting when Viv arose.  With everything frosted, boxed and ready to be delivered later I headed outside to weed.

It is supposed to get into the mid 70’s today and 80’s tomorrow.  My fingers are crossed, I even pulled the cushions out of the shed for the deck furniture.  I have high hopes for Summer this year.

I guess this break should end here.  I have two hours before I have to deliver these cupcakes and I would really like to be on a roll so I get even more done this afternoon.

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