Car driving; bead sorting; picture making

I have been filling in for Briana for a week, going over to her place every night for several hours and shipping beads.  During this time I’ve been driving Tonya’s Honda Accord.  It’s been since 1995 that I drove a car for any length of time.  Except for an occasional rental car I have had a truck for nearly two decades.  Although visibility is less, simply because I’m lower, it sure is fun to drive.  Its comfortable, rides smooth, has a stereo and is easy to park.

Last night when I got to Briana’s there were only a half a dozen orders or so but half of them included one or more packages of these new bead she has listed.  I spent several hours separating, packaging and labeling the beads.  I had my iPad and was listening to music, skyped with Lori until she had to go grade papers and for several hours the boys next door playing in their pool.

At the end of the night when I had a couple more orders to ship, I snapped this picture for my 365 project as it was 9 pm and there were not going to be any other shots for the day.

Tonya and Briana are in Hawaii for another whole week.  In my emails back and forth with Briana about the bead business she has mentioned snorkeling, art walk, swimming with turtles, a hike with a waterfall to play in at the end, kayaking, tour of a Hindu monastery, snorkeling and more snorkeling.  I know Katherine and I just got back from there but I want to go do more snorkeling!

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