Two Weeks

My two weeks of shipping beads is over.  I picked up Briana and Tonya at the airport tonight.  No more driving to Covington after work to ship beads…oh and I’m back to driving my truck.  Sigh….I sure did like driving that car.

Two weeks from today my market opens.  Things are coming together nicely.  Pretty much everything on my “to-do” list is done.  I have a couple of meetings in the next week with the stake holders, but not much else is outstanding.  The things still outstanding are actually in my boss’s court, so we shall see how much gets done.

After two weeks of very nice weather, this rain and cold are depressing.  I have some yard/garden work to finish up, a bathroom to finish painting and some outstanding social engagements to fit into the next two weeks before the markets open.

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