I am just sitting down for the evening, well not quite true I did go to dinner.

I had a very busy day at work as the market is drawing near and some important items that I have been waiting for were delegated back to me to deal with today…..long snarkey story not worth going into needless to say things I have been asking for since January when it “was above my pay grade” I got done today in a couple of hours.

I had an afternoon coffee meeting with the volunteer president.  After that went shopping for cupcake stuff, then home. Briana and Tonya got here shortly after that and we went to sushi.  Briana went home and Tonya is staying here so I can take her to the airport early tomorrow morning.

Once we got home Tonya and Dale watched the end of the Spurs game while I moved all the painting gear I’ve had in the guest room into mine.  Then hung the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. Drilling holes, pounding in mollys, cleaning up my mess.  The bathroom is 95% done with its makeover (i.e. paint job and part of the old two-tone fixtures gone.)  The actual faucets will need to be replaced later this Summer and I have a tiny bit of touch up paint to do.  Having all the paint gear in my bedroom will motivate me to get that done however so I can stow it out in the shed.

I then headed downstairs about 9:00 and made four batches of frosting.  I have cupcakes due tomorrow and will bake them in the morning before work.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth in my new blue bathroom (I am not willing to go take a picture of it right now to blog with….blaming it on the light and will add one later, or not) I can catch up on my emails and a few things before going to sleep.  Tomorrow starts early and will be a busy one.

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