Down Pour and Weekends

Today is Thursday, the first day of my weekend for my Summer schedule.  I am trying to get in the swing of things right away and not spend a few days or weeks getting used to it and in the mean time not fulling enjoying it.

I woke up at 5:03, sans alarm and decided hey its the ‘weekend’, I will sleep in.  A few hours of drifting in and out I got up about 8:00 a.m.  Nice slow start to the day.

Chores are also something generally relegated to weekends and my goal was to mow and clean the pool today.  However the weather did not agree.  In fact when I was blogging earlier about the market opening that original title was down pour but I had to change it because, well….see! 

Crazy amounts of rain today.  That did not stop me from taking several loads of stuff out to the shed.  Mostly gear from recently finished projects.

In one sorta small break in the weather I also put the vacuum in the pool so it could clean it a little while I cleaned house inside.  I did some dusting, watering of plants, puttering, sweeping and general upkeep before quitting getting ready to head downtown.

Weekends really are for fun, yes chores and sleeping in was a good way to spend the morning but I have been wanting to make the art walk for a while so I headed down town to tool around.

Just as I was leaving to catch the light rail, Viv got home and decided to go with me.

We took the train into Pioneer Square.  I used to do this first Thursday walk a lot when I was in my twenties.  One thing that was clearly apparent to me today is there are not as may galleries as there used to be.

First thing I did was spend too much money on custom-made enamel covered copper switch plates for my bathroom.  I have been looking around for replacements and the one outlet is hard to come by.  I ordered them from an artist and she is going to make them and ship them to me.

We walked around to the galleries and I usually am drawn to paintings, but we went into the Stonington Gallery and there were some sculptures in there I really liked, bronze and based in the myths and Pacific Northwest culture.  They really reminded me of Alaska and the Tlingit Indians.  I ended up in a conversation with one of the artist and am going to email her the information on the artist who carved my bracelets nearly thirty years ago.

We then walked over to the New Orleans for dinner and listened to a little jazz before taking the train home in time to have some poodles dropped off for the week.

So the weekend continues tomorrow.  I think more sleeping in, more chores and more fun are on the agenda!

One Response to “Down Pour and Weekends”

  1. Albert Says:

    And there they are, making themselves at home right on your bed. Such rude house guests.

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