Full Schedule / Full Life

Wow its hard to start a post when there has been nearly a week since the last one.  Oh and a road trip and a market day and and and

I flew down to LA after work on Wednesday.  Just enough time to get home and get to the airport.  Once down there I got to meet a good friend of Lori’s and go out to dinner.  We left on Thursday mid morning after loading up the truck and having a little Starbucks breakfast.  We headed up to Yuba city actually and stayed with Taylor.  We loaded some of her stuff into Lori’s truck as she is moving back to Washington this week.  Sushi dinner and a few games of skipbo we headed to bed.  Driving makes ya tired.

We headed off on Friday morning for a long drive to Florence, Or and stayed at the Best Western.  It was a great room and we had dinner at a nearby pub.  The king size bed was so comfy.  However my stuffy nose made it hard for me to sleep.  I wasn’t sure it if was allergies or I got a cold from the plane but either way I hate being stuffed up.  Since I’m still kinda stuffy I’m going with cold although there are no other symptoms or maladys just a come and go stuffy nose.

Saturday we drove to Yachats for breakfast then up the coast and had a brief little walk on the beach in the fog and headed home.  We had to be in by 6:00 so I could take a pug in for the week.

Sunday was a full market day and I am just starting to get through the voice mails and emails I am behind on.  I know there are several of each I need to return and will get to that hopefully later today.

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