Hi, I’m Hmey

Hi, my name is Hmey pronounced (May).  I am staying for a week.  I am a very good dog and only snore a little.

I have a kennel I sleep in and the sheet that goes over it so I don’t wake to early, really is my favorite toy.  I have been dragging it downstairs if the humans around here are downstairs and then tossing it around and growling with it to show off.  Lori keeps putting it over my head and laughing as I spin around to get out.  The trouble is dragging it back up the stairs when these humans decide to head back up.  All in all its been great fun and the more they laugh the more I keep wrestling this sheet.

I also have a bed I brought with me and that is in the other dogs room because I really like hanging out in there with the boys and then I nap on this bed when I’m in the bedroom and not in my kennel.

Walks have been fun with Spyder.  All in all I’m having a pretty good time and have been told I’m a good girl and a wonderful guest.

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