Back Log

I have written so many blog posts lately, just haven’t actually written them.

Thought them, titles, content, funny and/or sarcastic twists.  Getting them onto the keyboard and thus the actual blog seems to be the real issue.  To translate would be ….. lots of stuff happening…not enough time to share it here.

Yes, I realize this is a common blog theme (I don’t have time to blog) but its true dang-nab-it.  So in short here you go:  1)Lori and I went hiking last Friday, in the pouring down rain and got soaked to the bone.  It was fun and I have some blurry pictures to prove it.  2)Party prep has been happening for Briana’s 50th birthday including sink hole filling and dirt hauling.  It too was fun but I have no pictures.  3)The markets are in full swing including vendor bickering in which I realize I channeled my grandma by having the tattler in more trouble than the one being tattled on.  (This blog-in-my-head was actually a really good one.  Sorry you missed it)  4) Sophie is here for a week and either she paces more than usual or she is looking for Missy.  I think it’s the latter.  5) After a very long market day I came home to a bubble bath, food and foot rub….there was actually no blog about this, it was just fabulous to be spoiled.  6) Other random blogs included my head cold, mortgage stuff, crazy amounts of rain, a product review of Mama Rose face juice (which I probably will still write) and others I have surely forgotten.

Maybe I’ll do better this week as the weekend is just starting, and hey I already got this one done.

One Response to “Back Log”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Give Sophie some love for me. She’s anxious and doesn’t know where her girl is. Poor baby.

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