B.I.N.G.O and Karaoke

Yep….sounds like fun, no?

I got a text that there were extra spots at a friends table and did Lori and I want to join them for Bingo and Karaoke.  I had a full day of baking (seriously full) but we decided to be spontaneous and go.  Then came the specs about the night…..

It was at the Greenwood Senior Center.  It was between 7 and 10.  There was no need to be early as it never starts on time. (Senior Center….in Greenwood…game on)

Ok, after having the first order of 150 cupcakes picked up at 1:00 and baking and decorating three tiers to Briana’s birthday cake and having the second order of 60 cupcakes picked up at 5:45 we headed out to North Seattle.  The freeway was beautifully clear and we cruised right up to Greenwood.  Drove by mom’s old house because it’s what I do when I’m in the neighborhood and I wanted to show Lori.  We grabbed a couple tacos and headed into the Sr. Center.

It was packed.  We were in line to get into the Sr. Center for 20 minutes.  Seated with our daubers and bingo cards at Shaunda and Jamie’s table at about 7:10 we learned more about bingo and karaoke at the Sr. Center.  First impression was it was loud.  The music was going and people were still checking in and finding their tables.

It wasn’t until nearly 8 when the bingo started, there was a sign up sheet for Karaoke and a few of the people were scheduled before the bingo started, the rest were between games and when they were busy selling additional game cards.  The Karaoke was projected up on a big screen so besides the one performing up on stage, the rest of us were also joining in.

After each game was won and someone called out BINGO, a bingo boss would come check the card and give a thumbs up if they indeed won.  At that time the entire room crumpled up the game sheet and threw it at the winner, or in the general direction of the winner.

Then there was more karaoke and the bingo leader was encouraging dauber wars.  There was a dauber toast before each game, this is where some of the dauber wars started as all of the daubers are toasting like champagne glasses hands and wrists were hit.  By the end of the night Jamie, Shaunda and Brandon were multi colored as they were sneaking up and attaching one another.  Lori ended up with what looked like a smurf hickey on her neck and I am sporting a green dauber smiley face on my arm.  But since we didn’t fight back or join in we were pretty unscathed when we left.

The beer flowed freely, at $3 bucks a beer for those drinking each break in the games and karaoke session was time to get another round.

Between the crazy Bingo Bosses, the actual bingo, karaoke, singing, dauber wars and cheap beer and game sheets thrown about the room it was a great time.

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