Summer has arrived!

The fourth of July was L.O.U.D and smokey and I am continually amazed at how much cash is poured into blowing crap up each year.  This was the first year without a dog or any dog responsibilities and it was kind of nice to just not worry about it.

There were no “plans” for the fourth, as in parties, BBQ’s anything festive.  After going to the office and moving my cube Lori and I swung by Costco to find it closed.  I’m not sure what was a bigger surprise, that it was closed or that I was surprised it was.

We ended up getting a few things at Freddies and I made a maccaroni salad, it ended up being the first of two nights of impromptu grilling.  Broughts and veggie dogs and the four of us in the house had a 4th of July dinner at the table on the deck.  I am just glad the 4th of July has come and gone so Summer weather can actually happen.  The pool is clean and balanced and 80 degrees.  The grill is charged and I have been using the cast iron griddle to grill veggies on.

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