Today we were going to go to the museum but decided for a “down day” then of course we decided to tackle the gutter projects.

The one that came down in January is only just started. It has been tied to the roof, in more or less the position it needs to be in for re-attachment.  The hardware has been procured and ropes to tie me to the roof are in place to get this piece done soon.

The downspout on the upper roof that pours into the corner of the lower gutter, overflowing at the front door and causes the basement to flood along with other issues, that’s the one we tackled.  We ended up attaching some flex hose to turn the corner and added an additional downspout on the front of the house to bring it down to the ground.  There still needs to be some drainage work and the fix is well…a little bojangely, but hey its better than it was.

The grossest part of the day was sweeping up the raccoon scat around the chimney were clearly a raccoon is or was living.  Luckily for me, Lori did this entire disgusting part.


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