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To blog or not to blog.

It is hard to come up with quality material to put up here.  As of late I seem to be just running down my to-do or rather what-I-did list.  That list is quite long lately, which leaves even less time to blog about it.

Life is wonderful at the moment, work has cleared up the last bit of stress I seemed to have had.  My mortgage is almost restructured and I will post about that once its done but I only mention it here because the cash flow of the last four years is relatively smooth at the moment.  Life is simply grand with Lori here for a good part of the Summer.  With all things wonderful there seems to be little blog about without just a laundry list of wonderful and what we have been doing.

Then I have a market day like yesterday.  Wonderfully warm, Lori found her way to the market and we did some shopping that she took home with her.  Joy and Steven stopped by, I have not seen them in a year or so (when they stopped by the market) and I got to visit.  Of course that is when Joy mentions reading my blog and I think “Ok, find something to blog about.”

With things going so wonderfully at the moment, and with my life as proof, this means some learning is about to happen.  Perhaps some life epiphany that will be great blog fodder.  Then again perhaps not as the internet can be quite mean at times and the more personal parts of my present life I don’t tend to put up here.  (Simply reference them to keep you wondering.)

My littlest sister started a blog recently and there is some great and very personal stuff in there, that too has shown a light on my blog that is really just a calendar recap as of late.  Granted when I was younger I had similar great personal growth that would have made for very interesting reading (and now your all grateful that there was only paper journals at the time.)

So in the mean time…..calendar recaps, life is grand woo-woo-ness that may make your stomach turn and cute pictures and stories like these from yesterday.  It was Italian day at the market and Pat took this picture of use in funny hats, they were plastic and hot and couldn’t be worn for long.  The second picture Vivian sent me, Lori was making vegetarian chili while I was at work and I had a yummy dinner waiting for me when I got home.

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