The BBQ, an intimate affair

Last week was very social.  The Art blitz  and dinner with Tonya and Briana on Thursday and dinner and a play with Katherine on Friday.  Then Saturday morning I had to be at the market at 7:00 am, I was a volunteer for a fund-raising pancake feed.

Mostly that meant all the planning for a Saturday BBQ had to be early.  Lori weeded on Thursday while I cleaned the pool and put out the solar panels to help heat it up.  Friday we shopped and I prepped the food including macaroni salad, pico de gallo, guacamole, home-made pickles and mixing and making turkey burgers so they could just be grilled once the festivities got started.

This BBQ started out as a request.  When we went to bingo with Shaunda and Jamie they asked if they could come swim and grill on the 14th.  We said sure and the BBQ planning started after that.  Inviting Tonya and Briana when we saw them, inviting Mary and Mercy when we saw Mary.  I invited Leslie and Sam over word feud because I haven’t seen them since May.  At that point I found out they had company in town and would try but I didn’t think they would make it.

Besides the roommates and mentioning it to a few others (who I knew after inviting that they couldn’t make it) I still expected Shaunda & Jamie, Tonya & Briana and Mary & Mercy.

Early in the week I got a text from Shaunda, asking if we could move the day to the 28th.  I said “no” we would be out-of-town and this was already planned with others invited now.  They did not make it.

As I was getting home from the market I got a text from Mary, they would not be making it either.

I turned on the grill to make veggie burgers for my brother before he headed off to work.  Then just before 5:00 Tonya and Briana showed up.  We had the yummy pico, guac and chips along with beverages.  Then grilled burgers and had a nice small dinner on the deck (the four of us and Viv) before swimming in the 78 degree pool.  Lori who is used to LA weather thought we were crazy to be in the c-c-cold water.  She finally joined the three of us and we ended the night playing cards inside.

Needless to say, the yummy turkey burgers went into the freezer and Lori and I have grilled every night since then and they are now gone and were quite yummy!!!

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