Dansko in ORANGE

I’m sorry did I yell…..

I first saw these shoes on a vendors feet at the Spring Festival on May 5th.  At first glance I loved the shoes.  They also so fit the bubbly fun goofy personality of the cotton candy vendor who was wearing them.  I thought about the shoes a couple of times, even googling but I did not know they were Danskos.

When my Sunday market started in June and she was back with her adorable personality, freckles and ORANGE shoes my desire for them peaked again.  But it was when she was back in July that I found out they were Danskos and while at the market looked them up, found them on sale and by the end of the week had ordered and received my new shoes.

Check out mah orrrrannnge shoes.  I love them but will deny any squeeling when I put them on.

4 Responses to “Dansko in ORANGE”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Okay but do they keep your feet from hurting? And, just have to say, they’re just crocs all dressed up and sent to charm school. 🙂

    • V_Lo Says:

      Why yes they do look like that…don’t they. However it is the Dansko foot bed and very comfy! Not a great market shoe as its a clog, but a great shoe for fun!! 🙂

  2. sadi Says:

    ok now I must must have some too………… hell — i’m old i can wear orange shoes if i want to!

  3. Albert Says:

    Deny all you want, but I HEARD you squeel.

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