Went Camping

My plan was to post a picture when we got to the camp site on Wednesday saying…”Gone Camping, back in a few days”

However there was no cell service or internet what-so-ever, in fact my phone completely died the first day because it just kept searching for a signal.

Needless to say we are back, we had a great time, good weather, beautiful sights, some parcheesi and lots of gin rummy played.

On Thursday we took a hike to Rialto beach and saw a bunch of otters playing in the water, eight maybe more.  They were so cute.  We saw a GIANT rabbit.  It wasn’t a jack rabbit, but more like a regular bunny (also seen) but it was GIANT.  It looked like a very large cat.  On our way out of the camp this morning we had a coyote run right across our path.

We also had a lovely hike at the rain forest on Friday before heading back to the camp ground for one last camp fire and cards.  It was apparent that our fairly quite camp site was now crawling with families with children.  At least they were all happy sounds, loud but happy.

We are now home, the gear is unloaded.  To be sorted and stored tomorrow after work.

For now here are the few pictures I captured on my phone before it died.

2 Responses to “Went Camping”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You forgot to mention I poisoned you on our last breakfast…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yay for camping!!! i can’t wait to come out there and go camping with you 🙂

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