This post brought to you by the letter “P”

I am feeling like quite the Princess.  Not all in good ways, lots of good ways, but some “give me a break” ways as well.  Anyhoo….  On our last day of camping, Lori made us breakfast as we were taking down the tent and gear and packing up.  Breakfast was instant oatmeal with fresh blueberries.  I like oatmeal but never buy or eat the instant. It was only in my princess belly about ten minutes before I started feeling ill.  After we drove off we had to stop to get rid of the oatmeal, then I was fine and pretty sure that was the cause.  Once home I checked out the package and all I can think is it is the calcium carbonate and/or guar gum.  Why oatmeal would need these I’m sure has something to do with the “instant” portion of this item.  I am guessing my tummy was just not used to the preservatives/additives.  The joke of Lori poisoning me during camping is living longer then the tummy ache did however.

Poodles were dropped off on Tuesday.  For little tiny dogs, they can sure take up a lot of bed space.  My fantastic brother has been letting them bunk with him and Spyder most nights.

I bought an electric Pressure washer Wednesday night after work.  It’s not a powerful or fancy one but it did the trick to clean the deck to for re-staining.  It had been a couple of years since Brock did it with his big powerful gas-powered one so it was very needed.  It took several days to get it done.  A couple of hours Wednesday night, a couple of hours Thursday and then finished up with a couple more hours on Friday.  Staining it this morning took a couple more hours and only two trips to Lowes.

Projects, lots and lots of projects are still looming.  But getting the deck finished and the furniture also pressure washed is helping to get some of the things that require good weather completed.

One Response to “This post brought to you by the letter “P””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh no! i eat instant almost every day for lunch….it’s quick and has fiber….this probably isn’t good for me…but i clearly have a stomach of steal 🙂

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