Friday in the yard

I spent today weeding, not the garden, but the pathways in the garden.  You might remember I took out all of the old deteriorating wood chips and weed block earlier in the year.  The plan is to …… well that is it isn’t it.  The plan, it’s needed and sort of non-existent.

Once the weed block was gone I thought about leveling the paths since the grass is gone, putting down weed block and then pea gravel on the paths.  I planted some veggies, then the markets started for the Summer.  No work on the paths happened after that and the weeds filled in.

The tomatoes are just starting to change color.  The raccoons have eaten and torn apart all of the corn.  However because they have been focusing on the corn, so far they have left the plums alone.  I ate several of them while out weeding today there are so many, my other bumper crop is swiss chard in the picture.

It’s time to get any winter veggies in, soon time to plant garlic.  I would put money down that I get those things done before I decide what to do with these paths.  But hey for now they are weeded and look great.

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