This is my 997 post. I should plan something remarkable for post number 1,000 but that won’t happen. It’s hard to believe you are still coming here to read about my “view” when so little of it is actually making the page these days. Part of that is the market season, for a part time job I am crazy busy. I do have three days off each week and have filled them up with a variety of things. Because of the 365 project a lot of those things I have pictures of, not all however.

Mary came over on Saturday, she is painting a house so borrowed my paint sprayer and picked up some of her things that were here. We went down to the market and walked around, yes even on my days off I am at a market. There are no pictures of this but I am heading over to Bremerton on Thursday to can blackberry jam with Mary, Mercy and a friend of theirs. So I’m sure there will be a picture and most likely blog to bore you with as well.

I have done quite a bit of baking lately, even with Baby Cakes not really in business any more. I have had orders two Thursday’s in a row. That along with a couple hundred cupcakes made last week to take to the market because my chef demo bailed and I didn’t have time to replace them.

I also made a cake recently for Sara and John’s 50th wedding anniversary. I couldn’t blog about it at the time because it was a surprise. Not the fifty years obviously but the dinner that the family had for them. I drove the cake through hemp fest traffic which was crazy and met them at Queen Margherita Pizza. Sara and John arrived and were very surprised to see everyone there. I got to catch up with Johnny, Audrey and little Sara. I also got to meet Bret’s finance Amber and the evening was a lot of fun.

This last weekend I went to a play with Katherine. I have only seen her a couple of times since Hawaii, once for another play and a couple of times to help in her yard, so this was a treat.

The play itself was hilarious, womens prison b-movie spin. Very campy and there is nothing I can do to explain it. Well except here….check out this video from the “talent show” that the inmates put on.


I could blog about Raccoons. Because there are always raccoons. Raccoons are always causing damage. They broke and tore up all of my corn last week. Every. Single. Ear. Of. Corn. I pulled out all the broken stalks and corn cob pieces while weeding last weekend.

They are always leaving me mud in the just cleaned pool. Always. Fun.

Or Football…I can always talk football. The preseason is looking good, three wins zero losses (so far.) Football starts in just over a week. Today the Seahawks had to cut the roster to 75 and I am so very thrilled that the quarter back they went with is Russel Wilson! This could be a very good season.

This young girl is a daughter of a vendor.
She asked me last week where Lori was, when I told her she went home to LA, she asked if that was why I looked so sad. Yep, that would be why. None of the grown ups I work with there would notice but she plucked that right out of the universe and handed it to me.

But these six cards I got in the mail today helped a little with the missing.

Well the cards and this awesome picture Flo took when we went to Kubota garden.

2 Responses to “997”

  1. sadi Says:

    your cake was just the best ever……. i was so glad you were there – just for you – not just the cake……we’ve known each other since you were a kid… more than half your life! I am so proud to be your second mama. I love mothers day ‘cuz I know I’m going to see Val. It was the best anniversary surprise ever. I just love it that you were all there and those cards made me “cry for happy”
    Love you

  2. Taylor Says:

    I like the way Lori writes your name

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