Team Taylor

We are not really team Lopez cause Dale isn’t a Lopez.  Team Taylor was the perfect duo for the day.  (Mom’s maiden name and Grandpa Taylor who my brother Dale resembles in an eery way.)

Dales car was leaking when he got home yesterday.  He had to stop several times on the way home and add water.  Today we searched for the leak, adding water that just poured out.  By following the water backwards we found a hose in the very back of the engine that it was the culprit.

Dale went and looked up the hose and information on-line.  Then he laid some 2×4’s across the engine so he could work from above the back of the engine and we got the hose off, it had a very large split in it.  Then came the ordering of the part.  It was looking like an overnight shipment from Portland would be the only way to get it.  The Napa and O’Reilly stores did not have it.  However shipping would make it an eighty dollar part.  The guy Dale was talking to in Portland put him on hold and found the part locally.  Besides locating it he had it transferred to the Napa parts store near the house.  We just would have to wait until 4pm.

In the mean time team Taylor headed to the roof it fix the gutter that has been broken since January.  I promised Lori I would tie off to the safety loop on the roof.  The brackets we bought worked well but I stripped two sockets trying to get them through the metal gutter.  Dale manned the harness, giving me more as I moved down the roof and trying to keep it out of my way.  Seriously, the most danger was tripping over the damn thing.  While I ran to Lowes for another quarter-inch socket Dale cleaned up the raccoon shit on the roof.  What was up there was relatively new because Lori cleaned it all up this Summer when we were up there working.

Dale went and got the part in my truck while I visited with my step dad Pat who had come to pick up a cupcake order.  Then when he got back we worked on getting the new hose in and clamped down.  Added water and it didn’t leak!

It was a very productive day for “Team Taylor” and Dale gets to go back to work tomorrow!

One Response to “Team Taylor”

  1. Dale Says:

    Yeah, we kicked some ass lil sis, you are amazing! Go Team Taylor!!!

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