A life not really blog worthy, but my stats are still up so here we go……..

There is an endless list of chores to do at home and by endless I truly mean it.never.ends!  After canning last Thursday I worked on the gutter situation with Dale on Friday, baked some cupcakes and did a little watering.  Then Saturday was a splurge day.  Splurge by going out to breakfast and pedicures with Katherine.  Splurging on both time and money but it was a fun time and so worth it.  Then after helping break down at the market in the afternoon the chores just kind of took a backseat to ….. um lounging (?)  I have no idea what I did with the rest of the day.

I tend to get more done when under pressure.  Now with the weekend here again and the list not any shorter, in fact its longer.  However tomorrow is already scheduled for the canning that with Mary that didn’t happen last week.  Then Friday there is an appointment in the morning and a cupcake order due in the afternoon.  So there will be plenty of pressure to work under this weekend to get things checked off the list.  Or in other words, make room for more things.  HA.

One would think I would get a head start tonight, perhaps a little weeding or clean the pool.  But hell no, there is football starting any moment for the opening game of this years season!  Go Giants!  (That just means now I get to fit in chores around football and if the theory holds I’ll actually get more done because of the time pressure)

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