Jam anyone

I was getting lots of chores done yesterday (laundry, errands, baking) but hadn’t got to the garden for weeding or the shed organizing project I wanted to tackle when my step dad Pat arrived to pick up his cupcakes.  This is usually a two-hour process that includes a couple of cups of coffee.

Pat took a seat at the counter about 3pm, a couple of hours before I was expecting him.  Although I have seen him now four weeks in a row to pick up cupcakes (for picnics and birthdays) we proceeded to have the exact same conversation as the previous weeks.

I took the two hours and decided to multitask, cleaning and pitting the case of plums I bought at Tuesday’s market. It was something to focus on during our visit, took the entire two hours and left me with two HUGE bowls of plums to do something with.  I had been cruising through them eating 6,8,10 of the a day since I got them, but clearly there were a lot of them.

Today when I got home from volunteering at the market I decided to make jam with them.  I made four batches or 28 pints of plum and clove jam.  But because I use just over half of the sugar the recipe calls for my jam is a little loose.

I started with 12 cups of plums, they start changing colors as they start to simmer over the heat. Add the clove once they are cooked down and mashed with a potato masher.  Add the pectin and bring it all to a boil.  Slowly add 7 cups of sugar (as opposed to the 12 the recipe wants) and bring it back to a boil.  Once the sugar is all melted in the color changes and is all shiny and pretty, before the sugar its kind of dull/matte like.  Then fill my prepped jars, add lids and rings and put in them in the canner.  Lower the jars and bring to full rolling boil then process for ten minutes.  Remove from canner and put on a towel so they don’t break and become little boiling sugar and glass bombs.


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