The Winding Down

This week will be the last Sunday market, it total there are three markets left for the season.  There are so many mixed feelings about it.  I am ready for the season to be over.  It can be an exhausting job.  I don’t just mean the physical loading and unloading of tables, tents, chairs, buckets of water and various other gear.  But being the complaint department for the visitors and the vendors.

The vendors have issues with each other, lots of issues. Prices, placement, the rules they need to abide by to have things work smoothly.  This week there were more complaints about sales, lack of sales, what I was doing to get more people to the market and more directly what I was NOT doing enough of.

The volunteers are all great.  But by this point in the season they are all exhausted as well.  Most of them are not complainers for the bulk of the season (except one or two who complain from day one) but everyone is about ready for the market to close.  By everyone I mean the volunteers and the vendors.  Although attendance is dwindling, those still coming keep asking why I can’t keep it open into the fall.

But the relief of the market ending is married to the disappointment of six months of event planning and four months of putting on those 32 events being over.  The next few months will be analysis of the data collected during the season and starting to get new sponsors lined up.

There is no guarantee that the Sunday market will happen again.  If not this position goes back to a twenty hour a week job.  I recently had a conversation with my new boss about the job status.  That it is not a permanent part-time job.  That it is based on Sponsor and basically the will of the mayor.  At any time it can be turned back over to the volunteer group or the chamber of commerce to take over again.

I took the job knowing it was a temporary job.  It is why I continue to look for other work.  My boss knows this as well and although she doesn’t want me to find anything, she acknowledges that she can’t guarantee me anything.

So I continue to look for work and while the season is winding down, I feel both reluctance and relief.

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