3 try’s

I posted a dog house on freecycle last week.  (or Freak-cycle as my friend Katherine calls it)  I had several people respond with questions but no follow up.

So last night I decided to put it on craigslist for “sale” and by this morning I had several people interested in it.  One woman seemed particularly interested and gave me her cell number to text her.  Considering this seems to be the main mode of communication these days I texted her asking when she wanted to look at it.

I was just heading in to work out.  It was later that usual (8:30am) as I had spent the morning talking to Lori on Facetime.  So I was texting her as I headed out to the gym to work out.  She is very anxious and once I say I am home all day she is ready to come get it. NOW.

I had barely warmed up but decided I had better move the thing to the front.  Even though I put it on freecycle last week no one was interested enough for me to think about moving the darn thing.  So I left my workout and moved the very large (Huge) dog house across the yard, but it wouldn’t go through the gate.  So I took it around the pool side and out that gate, across the grass and left it there.

It took about 30 minutes of lifting, pushing, figuring and I thought I would have about 30 more minutes before she got here and I could get back to the workout, I headed back to the elliptical trainer.

This time I got 5 minutes in before a recruiter from LA called me.  I had to take the call, I had been waiting and expecting the call.  Once that was done I did not have time for the workout before the woman got here for the dog house.  Instead I cooked a half head of cauliflower and ate it for breakfast while waiting.

The dog house would not fit in this woman’s jeep.  She had asked during our texting back and forth if I would fit.  I reiterated the measurements that were, by the way,  in my post but when she got here it wasn’t even close.

She was pretty determined to take the thing however.  She asked me how much and I said $25.00, it’s what I posted it at.  She said I have $20.00 and since I put it up for FREE last week I said sure.  She actually gave me $20.50 and I went to get a hammer.  She took the roof off and the front, I swept out some seriously large spiders and helped her load it into her jeep and got a piece of rope to tie it in.

I finally got my cardio in, now having steamed beets for lunch, changing into gardening gear and going out to do some work, it is already 2pm.  I don’t see myself working for more than a few hours.  I may however post some of the other things I put on freecycle last week onto Craigslist.  I mean who knew that people will respond to buying something before getting it for “free.”

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