Fashion Saucer

I am not a follower of fashion.  I have never had a physique that fashion is designed for (read fat) and I am not always fond of the current fashion.  There are certain parts of the 70’s ad 80’s that do not need to be repeated.

There are also “rules” out there, do not ask me who wrote them but we have all heard them….
Your shoes and bag should match……ha ha ha ha ha
Black should not be worn with brown or navy…….well I fail at this every winter.
Never wear red if you’re a redhead…..why the heck not.
Never wear tights with open-toed shoes…..gotta admit I kinda agree with this one.
And the one I ignored today….Never wear white after labor day.

There are several reasons I wore white capris today.  1) They are already two sizes to large and I need to get rid of them, this was the last wearing of a cute pair of capris I got in London last time I was there.  2) It was 78 degrees today, 78 degrees, enough said.  3) I have very cute new shoes purchased on clearance last week and what better way to show them off.

One Response to “Fashion Saucer”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Very Cute 🙂

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